Brief Description Of The 666 Roulette System

The 666 Roulette system is an excellent strategical play for beginners who can bet on small amounts. This system requires risk and has a low-profit margin where the risk is spread around the table. In addition, you can also make small profits on outside bets.

The 666 system of Roulette is a bit aggressive, but there is a low risk. In this system, you can bet on multiple numbers without any limit. Because of this reason, you can make at least smaller profits. This article pens down the various aspects of the 666 system of Roulette. Continue reading to learn more about this system.

Working of 666 Roulette System

The Roulette wheel has an exciting nickname, “Devil’s Wheel.” Surprisingly if you add all the numbers on the wheel, it will come to 666 or the beast number. In this system, you need not have to wager on every number, but you can’t bet on number four. The main ideology behind this system is that you will lose a minimal amount if you bet on every number in each wheel spin. Though you lose a little amount, you can’t lose all the hands. As you can bet on every number except 4, this makes small betting on high odds, making your losing chances less approx.10%.

If you use this technique, you must place three different sorts of bets simultaneously. You have to start your bets on red or black so that you can cover half of the wheel at one go. Then you place 7 split bets on the color you haven’t already gambled on between pairs of numbers. Last but not least, you place three little straight bets on three of the remaining seven numbers. It means you’re down to your final four digits, which you’ll use to make sure you can cover your losses. If you want to win at this game, you’ll need to play a lot of spins with little, regular bets.

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The 666 Roulette System’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Coverup bets are beneficial for the gamblers as they can spread the risk all around the table. But as this system sounds easy, it is not. You have to bet a colossal amount on each wheel spin. Moreover, if you win on even-money wagers, you are not making enough profits to regain your initial betting amount.

You have to hit on six or seven to earn a considerable profit. But it is a risky take if you are constantly losing. The fundamental disadvantage of this system is that the house always has an advantage over the player.

Amidst the disadvantages, you are willing to take risks, and then this system may help you win high odds. You will also earn profits even on hitting outside wagers.


In a nutshell, this system of Roulette is both beneficial and risky. The main thing that matters is your risk-taking ability. It is a perfect way of minimizing losses as it spreads the risk smartly. This system is mainly useful for amateurs who usually don’t bet on higher values.

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